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If you have been around me during a day in the office over the course of the last 15 years, then you have probably heard me say, “It is going to be a big day at Mooseheart today!” No doubt that every day at Mooseheart, Moosehaven, and in our Lodges has the potential to be a “big day”; but Friday, June 26, 2020, at approximately 7:15 pm changed the way I define what is and what isn’t a “big day.” The Judiciary Committee report was read on the floor of the Convention which included the results of a momentous delegate vote.

I don’t feel I’m going too far out on a limb by saying the General Law amendment vote that rewrote the way for a unified fraternity was the most important in our 132-year history. I am proud to be part of an organization that recognized the need to change and brought gender equality to our Lodge membership. Doing this on the first vote with 77% of the delegates approving the amendments is absolutely incredible! Congratulations and cheers to a brighter future because of this giant step forward.

Given the weight and complexity of the move to a One Moose Lodge membership model, it is going to take a little time to prepare for a smooth transition. The date of May 1, 2021, will usher in the slate of organizational changes and when we get to Cincinnati, Ohio for the 133rd Annual International Moose Convention (June 30 – July 4, 2021), we can celebrate the dawning of a new era in our Moose fraternity.

Congratulations to all who have been elected or appointed to serve our fraternity on a Board, Council, or Committee, or as a Deputy Grand Regent, Deputy Supreme Governor or Moose Legion Ambassador. None of this would have been possible without your leadership and willingness to consider the needs of others greater than your own. I appreciate your commitment to our Moose fraternity – together we are unstoppable – together we are One Moose! God Bless!

If you have a concern or idea you’d like to share with me, use our online form: “Tell the Director-General.”


District 4 has been hit by the Pandemic COVID-19. All of our lodges are working hard to keep our members safe by self distancing and closing our lodge doors. We are unsure how long this will be maintained, but until the government, CDC, and Moose International give the okay, we will continue to use these practices.  We shall keep you posted with any updates we may have as they come to us. 


Stay safe and we hope to see everyone soon!

As Moose members, we are always working on things within our lodge and often forget that we need to have fun while we are working. Christmas is a spirit that we find ourselves giving, without thoughts of receiving from others. It is happiness in seeing the joy in people. It is making time for others rather than thinking of yourself. It is putting aside differences and coming together in the spirit of the Holiday Season.  These are all values we find in the Moose everyday. It is a time to enjoy each other and spending time with our Moose Family. Many times it seems as if the holiday season speeds by and we do not have the chance to really enjoy it. As we attend parties, dances, and gatherings with our Lodge Brothers and Sisters, enjoy the moments and make memories to share . 

We hope your Christmas is filled with Love, Laughter and special memories.....

The Officers of District 4 wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and wishes of a very Happy New Year

This Saturday is the day for us to lay wreaths at Arlington National Cemetery. If you want to be a part of this Community Service event, the directions are simple. Our truck will be by sections 54, 55, and 56. Look for people with Moose gear on and handing out wreaths.  Gates open at 8am. The best way to get to cemetery is to park at the Pentagon or take Metro into the Pentagon. The walk is fairly easy from there.

If you have never done is a very humbling experience. A time of remembrance of those who have sacrificed for our freedoms and our country. 

Sunday, November 17th, we will be celebrating one of our own. Harold Embrey, received his Pilgrim Degree this past May in the House of God on Mooseheart Campus. Harold and his wife Mary reside now at Moosehaven, but at one time they were very active at Woodbridge Lodge in District 4. If you have not been to a Pilgrim Celebration it is something you should plan on attending. Regalia is suggested for all Degree holders. It is a very special ceremony and one that you are not likely to forget. It is a great honor to be recognized as a pilgrim of the Order. Only members who have advanced into the Moose Legion, and volunteered further are considered for this degree. Usually it takes years of devoted service to be considered for the Pilgrim Degree. Members who have devoted themselves to their lodge by volunteering to cook, clean, serve as an officer, mentor others and pledge to be a fraternal leader are considered.

Once selected, Pilgrims are encouraged to meet and continue to volunteer. They are mentors to those within their lodge and district.  That includes helping encourage and select good lodge officers, supporting programs within their districts and associations, and helping grow and preserve membership.

The official regalia of a Pilgrim includes a gold blazer with the Pilgrim logo and coordinating tie. This blazer distinguishes them as men of very high standing and service to the Order. The degree remains with them for life, as long as both their Lodge and Moose Legion memberships remain in active status.

Woodbridge Lodge and Chapter will be hosting the Celebration at 2pm on Sunday, November 17th. 


Manassas Moose Lodge, #1380 will be hosting the Bull Run 185 Fall Celebration and Conferral as well as  Drawdown on Saturday, November 16, 2019. If you are a newly signed Moose Legion member and have not been conferred, now is the time to get it done. Bull Run 185 has a day planned full of fun, fraternalism and social activities.

The Official Visitor for this occasion is our very own Baby Pilgrim, Harold Embrey formerly from Woodbridge Lodge but a resident of Moosehaven. He and his wife Mary, will be joining us for the day.


The District 4 Chili Cook Off was held in Vienna on April the 6th. There were 6 chili contestants and all 6 chili's were different. Our judges had a difficult time choosing the one they liked best. The winner of the cook off is slated to compete in the State Chili Cook Off this fall. Our first place winner is Tom Oderwahl from Arlington. Second is Jerry Thomas from Manassas. If the first place winner is unable to attend the state cook off, the second place winner will take his place.

Congratulations to the winners and we will see you this fall!

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Arlington Lodge # 1315, will be the host of our District 4 Picnic. The Picnic is for every member in District 4. Arlington as host, will supply the meat for the picnic and we have asked the lodges to bring the sides. Chapters are supplying the desserts!  We would like to see the Moose Legion officers there as well. Bring your family and have soome fun! The Picnic is planned for after the District 4 meeting on July 13th from noon to 4. The idea of the picnic is to get to know each other a little better. The District Board would like to recognize those that stepped up to the challenge of being an officer or chairman. They would also like to thank those who have served this past year. See you in Arlington!


You and all your friends are invited to the 2nd Annual District 4 Chili Cook-Off.  We had a great time last year with this event.  This year is going to be even bigger.  This event will be on Saturday, April 6th, 2019, starting just after the District 4 meeting at 1:00 pm.  If you need something to print for your lodge or home refrigerator please print the attached image.  We cannot wait to see everyone!

Contestants are asked to bring a crock pot of Chili to be judged. We will have 5 judges from around the district. They will sample the chili and rate it. We are looking for Best All Around.
  • Entry fee is $50.00.
  • Winner will represent District 4 in the State Chili Cook-Off in September.

The Moose has different districts all over the state of Virginia. These districts help in the everyday running and distribution of great ideas for our fraternity. We invite all members that wish to contribute more to our fraternity to attend our next district meeting! Below you will find information on District 4 meetings. We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting.

District Meetings
Meeting Date Meeting Location
April 18, 2020 Stafford #2215
July 18,2020 Warrenton #1695
October 17, 2020 Woodbridge #583

All officers meetings start at 10:00 am with the regular membership meeting to start at 11:00 am.

January 16th marks the beginning of the Mid Year Conference for the Virginia Moose Association.. We will be meeting at the Sheraton Waterside in Norfolk and it is a packed agenda. The Men and the Women will have very similar schedules and we are excited about our Friday Fun Night! Pirates and Mermaids will abound as we celebrate with a Pirates of the Caribbean type theme. The Friday Fun Night is a costumed affair. Get your Pirate garb together, eye patch and all, for a fun night of sights and laughs. Saturday we will have speakers from Massey Cancer Center as well as Safe Surf in the morning. On Saturday afternoon there will be a joint workshop on the One Moose initiative by Moose International. This is required for all men and women who are paid representatives for their lodge and chapter. It will be an interesting workshop and we look forward to the information we will be given. Please remember that we as Moose members should act with respect at all times during conference and carry ourselves as the adults we are. See you in Norfolk and let's have some fun!

What exactly is Membership Retention and why do we have a week dedicated to it? Our members are the heart and soul of our organization. As a fraternity, Moose is one of the leading fraternities nationwide as well as in our local communities. Everyone wants to be a Moose member!   -well they might if they really knew what the Moose is all about....or if they felt like they were welcome or were asked to help with an event or fundraiser. 

Many of our members are in name only. Many have fallen of our rolls. How can we as a fraternity keep growing if we keep losing members? New members are always good - but what about our current and expired members? Are we working as hard to keep them as we are working to get new members?

Membership Retention week is an opportunity for all of us to take a hard look at the reasons our members are not renewing their membership. Could it be that they don't like the people at the lodge they joined? Were they never asked to join in with others when they came to a function? Have they grown older? or has something happened in their lives to make it hard for them to get to the lodge? A simple phone call or visit with them may help us to better understand their choosing not to renew their membership.It seems so simple for us. We love our lodge and we know what we are expected to help with- did their sponsor take the time to tell them about their membership and the value it has for them? Were they invited to an orientation? Do they know about Mooseheart and Moosehaven?

Take a moment over the first week in November to help with Membership Retention Week. Your lodge should have things planned for the entire week that revolves around members and working to retain them. If you haven't seen anything on Membership Retention Week, ask your Administrator or Board of Officers how you can help. By volunteering to help you may have a better understanding of how others see your lodge. It never hurts to have a second opinion of things.


Virginia's Newest Pilgrims

June 1, 2019

Mooseheart, IL


(L-R) Doug Thompson - Floyd #2300, Jerry Ayres - Portsmouth #898, Harold Embrey - Woodbridge #583,  Jim Jordan - Hopewell #1472,  Jack Lancaster - Lynchburg South #1727,  Roger Toney - Tazewell #198,  Walter McIntosh - Berryville #2139,  Freddie Hipes - Waynesboro #1309, Billy Snodgrass - Washington County #1966


Congratulations to all for their new achievement. It is an honor to know that in our district, Woodbridge has a new Pilgrim. Harold Embrey has been a member for many years. He and his wife Mary now reside at Moosehaven - but I am sure we will all see our old friend very soon. As details become available for Pilgrim Celebrations we will post for you to make your plans to attend.

The Moose is heading to Milwaukee Wisconsin this May and we are excited! Our convention will be held at the Wisconsin Convention Center in downtown Milwaukee. The dates of our convention are early this year so please make notes that the convention begins on Thursday, May 21st and ends on Tuesday, May 26th, 2020. The reason for our date change is so that our convention can be at the same time as the Pilgrim Conferral and the Mooseheart Graduation Ceremony.  If you have ever thought of visiting Mooseheart, now is the time to do it! Convention attendees will have the opportunity to visit Moosseheart on Saturday, May 23rd. There will be buses available for the trip to Mooseheart campus. While there you will have the opportunity to observe the Graduation Ceremony, the Pilgrim Celebration and visit the Virginia Girls Home. What better way to spend the day? 

Take a moment to go to and register. Book your hotel and we will see you in Milwaukee!

With the January 1st deadline came the Non Smoking ban in the Moose Fraternity.  Lodges have been working to accommodate the smoking members within their lodges. Building gazebo's, patio's, and tented areas are all great but what do we do next? How do we let people know we are now a non smoking facility? Will it hurt or enhance our business? These are all questions that every lodge in the fraternity are trying to answer. Here are some ideas that have been heard around our district and the surrounding areas.

Many lodges are reaching out to past members who have let their dues drop. Letting them know that their lodge is now non smoking. Many times we have heard how members have quit coming to the lodge functions because of the smoke. It is time to get the word out and bring them back in to our lodge homes. The best way to reach out to them is send a letter, make a phone call or send them a copy of the latest newsletter with an invitation to an event or orientation. Make sure you explain that we are a non smoking facility and would love for them to come and check us out again!


Have you advertised on your sign that your building is now non smoking? By putting three simple words on the sign out front (or a banner) you may attract attention from those who never thought of stopping because it was a smoke filled facility. Remember to keep the words "members and qualified guests" on your sign or any advertising you put up, but it is valuable real estate and we should be utilizing it!  If you have a banquet hall that is frequently used or donated for activities in the community, send a letter or invitation to them letting them know about your new smoke-free policies. It may generate more use of the hall and from there you could be generating membership.


If you place ads of sponsorship for local teams, booster clubs, or charity events - make sure to include the fact that you are a family fraternity and that it is a non smoking facility. No better way to let people know the changes taking place in your lodge. This is a great way to have recognition in the community. By supporting other local charities or community events you have your lodge and membership recognized and can feel pride in knowing the good you are doing locally.

If your lodge is holding a charity event for the community, call your local newspaper or radio station. Many times they will do an article for you to either help promote the event or give a recap of the event and any monetary presentation. Make sure to let the press know that we are a newly non smoking facility. The advertisement will do wonders for your members and you may gain new members as well. Keeping in mind, you have to state that we are a Family Fraternity for members and qualified guests, but inviting the community to check us out and see what the Moose is about is the key.

A final thought, don't be negative about going non smoking. Keep the thoughts positive and those around you will feel positive about it as well. Think of your lodge as a totally new business. How would you market your business and generate the excitement for it to make it a success? Each Lodge is different and the area surrounding your lodge is different from others, utilize what you know about your lodge and promote it. 



This years annual campaign is Create Our Future. The campaign runs from May1,2019 to April 30, 2020. This year we focus on the future of our fraternity. By sponsoring family and friends, we will continue to grow. As members of the Moose, we made a pledge to continue to provide for our children at Mooseheart and our seniors at Moosehaven. To continue this obligation, we must commit to signing new members. Just as important though is retaining the members we are losing. Remember the future is in our hands!

In November, Moose International will be hosting a “One Moose” Town Hall Meeting in Orlando, Florida to discuss the idea of establishing a single membership model that will provide enhanced opportunities for all members of the Fraternity. Register now to be part of this historic event that will explore in detail the opportunity of women and men joining together to create One Moose membership. For more information, visit


This historical event, will change the face of the Moose Fraternity as we now know it. Many States have already voted to merge the two associations, Loyal Order of the Moose and Women of the Moose, with great success.The slogan this year for Membership is Create Your Future.... What better way than to look toward the future and work together for our children and seniors. By working as one team, we can devote all of our knowledge and resources to the future of Mooseheart and Moosehaven.