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Sunday, August 11, 2019 Cathy Rossi Uncategorised 21
The Grand Council of the Women of the Moose and the Supreme Council of the Loyal Order of the Moose have worked for the past two years to establish a strategic plan for the women and men to have an equal voice, standing, and opportunity in every Moose Lodge throughout our Fraternity. The idea of "One Moose" membership has been around for decades and until now has only been about talking- not doing. The time has come for our Fraternity to take action and establish a path forward allowing a husband and wife, brother and sister, female and male friends to have the same opportunities. Both would be able to serve on the Board of Officers for the Lodge and have a lawful vote and voice on the business, programs, and activities of the Lodge. This would allow both men and women to serve on the district level as well. Dennis Rossi our District 4 President and his wife, Cathy Rossi, our incoming Deputy for the upcoming year, will be attending a Moose International Town Hall Meeting in Orlando Florida- site of our upcoming 2022 International Moose Convention. The Town Hall will be held November 1-3. They are hoping to carry your questions about the future of a One Moose with them to get the answers we need for this process to go smoothly. If you have questions or opinions on this topic, please let them know. You can send your questions or opinions to either of them. Dennis - rossdenn@aol.com Cathy - clavoie3363@gmail.com
Sunday, August 11, 2019 Cathy Rossi Uncategorised 4
This fall there will be a regional Moose International Membership Workshop held at Richmond East Lodge #1947. The Moose International Membership Department has held these workshops for the past 3 years and if you have the opportunity to attend or send your Membership Chairman to the workshop your lodge and chapter could learn so much. Membership is the most vital part of what our mission has to have. It is the lifeblood of the Moose. The staff at Moose International has put together an interesting format to help each of us understand the way our members think, what they want and need from our lodge and chapters. The trends in our membership as well as what they don't like about our lodges and chapters. They compare us to other fraternal organizations and allow us to see the mistakes as well as success stories from within. Other topics include things like how to market your moose lodge, new programs to attract new members, the online mobile application, and communicating the value of a membership to new or potential members. If you are interested in attending please email the following information to Regional Manager Larry Meade at lmeade@mooseintl.org by Wednesday, September 11th. Title your email - Membership Growth and Retention Workshop Your name MID# Lodge/Chapter# office you hold names of any others accompanying you a contact phone # email address Hope to see you in Richmond!